Welcome to my website, where I’m sharing some of my life with you—mostly my writing life. My published and upcoming books, stories, essays, poems, plus my “reflections blog”— other writings and events that have caught my interest, and will hopefully tweak yours.

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ttfn (= “tata for now”), John

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Bio - Dr. John Graham-Pole, MD, MRCP-UK

I’m a retired children’s doctor who worked at four UK and US universities for forty years caring for children, mostly with cancer, teaching students and peers, and trying to find better ways to tackle some of the worst illnesses on the planet, while easing the burdens of our treatments on those who had to experience them.

Now I’m what’s laughingly called retired, meaning they’ve pensioned me off to do whatever I want, as long as it’s legal, moral, and doesn’t make me too fat. Here’s a link to my full bio if you want to know more…

HARP Publishing

HARP PublishingThe People’s Press is a multi-media publisher focusing on the healing arts and the arts for health equity. It is aimed at a popular readership of caregivers and care receivers, in both electronic and print media.