A new blog, and another letter to myself across seventy years…   216 Clydesdale Road Antigonish Nova Scotia March 23rd, 2017   My dear Johnny-Boy, It’s so wonderful to have another letter from you. And just a miracle we should be “talking” to each other across almost seventy years. Does this happen to anyone else? […]

Letters to Myself 4

216 Clydesdale Road Antigonish Nova Scotia January 1st, 2018   Dearest Johnny-Boy Happy New Year! It was lovely to get another letter from you. This time I found it in a book of poems I just happened to feel like reading. I have my own study with hundreds of books in it, so it was […]

Letters to Myself 2

Letters to Myself (2) All letters deserve an answer, so here goes: my first letter from my present-day self to my  six-year-old self. I’m enjoying this new way of journalling – I’d be interested to hear if anyone else out there has ever written to themselves at a younger age. Johnny-Boy was the name my […]