Another Review of Blood Work

Blood Work: A Review by Adult Educator Leslee Larsen, December, 2019 I’m delighted to add another review of my YA novel, Blood Work, this one from adult educator Leslee Larsen, who captures the essence of the novel as a chance for what’s called transformative learning. As Leslee illustrates so well, ’Raig, the protagonist of Blood […]

Letters to Self 17

Ravenswood, 47, Bristol Road, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset August 31st, 1954   Dear John, I just went for a run on the sands with Spike. It’s my favourite place to be, whether I’m practising my throwing arm with Spike or playing beach cricket with Traps. Or just trying to reach the sea, which I’ve never seen come […]

Letters to Myself 9

Ravenswood 47 Bristol Road Weston-super-Mare Somerset December 4, 1950   Dear John,   Thank you for your last letter. It was lying behind the gas fire in my bedroom. It was a bit brown and crinkly. I think this was because Mummy let me have the fire on before I went to bed last night, […]

Boarding School

Writing to myself as a young boy has me revisiting long-forgotten memories. So I’ve decided to borrow another bit from my memoir to recall the awful day I was shipped off to boarding school at aged twelve – a rite of passage for many middle-class English boys. I’ll leave you to judge what lasting effects […]

Letter to Myself 7

Ravenswood, 47 Bristol Road Weston-super-Mare Somerset March 10, 1950   Dear John, Thank you for your last letter. I enjoyed it very much, especially about the history of Canada. I don’t like the history or geography lessons at school, but I liked hearing a bit about where you live and what happened long ago. I […]

Letters to Myself 6

216 Clydesdale Road Antigonish Nova Scotia July 3rd, 2017   Dearest Johnny-Boy, This time Dorothy found your letter on the sideboard in the hall among a pile of other letters and other stuff that I had collected from the postbox and hadn’t looked through yet. We don’t have our own postbox at our house, but […]

Letters to Myself 5

Ravenswood, 47 Bristol Road, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. August 15, 1949.   Dear John, I was reading “Biggles Delivers the Goods” in bed last night, and I turned over a page and there was another letter from you waiting for me. I don’t know how it got there but it was a very nice surprise. Jane and […]