Arts in Medicine Scholarship in my name at University of Florida

Letter announcing an arts in medicine scholarship in my name at University of Florida

College of the Arts
Center for Arts in Medicine
University of Florida,
Gainesville, FL 32611

December 9, 2015

Dear Dr. John,

We are proud to share that the UF Center for the Arts in Medicine has reached a 20 year milestone. Thanks to your vision, the center is committed to advancing research, education and practice in arts in medicine, locally and globally and has achieved international recognition as a leading educator in the field of arts in medicine. As you know, the Center works in three primary areas of focus: education and training, research, and outreach. In addition to its longstanding undergraduate certificate programs, the Center now offers an online Master of Arts (MA) in Arts in Medicine, the first of its kind in the nation, and two online graduate certificates. Our partnership with UF Health brings experienced artists in residence to our teaching faculty and provides students with opportunities for hands-on learning. The new MA in Arts in Medicine program reached its target enrollment within its first year, signaling a strong demand for graduate education in arts in medicine. Our vision at this exciting moment of growth and professionalization for arts in medicine, is to support the next generation of arts in medicine professionals through a new scholarship fund. The fund will support tuition, travel, research and student resources. Given that this opportunity would exist for students and artists without your vision and leadership, we would like to have our first named scholarship be established in your honor. To support the Dr. John Graham-Pole Scholarship for Arts in Medicine, we seek to recruit a lead gift of $2000-$5000 to open the fund. We will then solicit annual contributions from a variety of supporters and build the fund over time to endowment status. Our hope is that you might help us begin this effort through providing your permission to establish this scholarship in your name. With your background with the Center, you may have referrals of others who might contribute. Of course, we would thrilled if you also would like to contribute to this fund. We seek to build this fund to endowment so it will annually benefit students see attached. As the Center approaches its 20th, we would like to do a feature article on you and your perspective on the Center’s beginning and growth.


Lucinda Lavelli, Dean, College of the Arts & Director
Jill Sonke, Director,  Center for Arts in Medicine