My Writing

My books for lay readers include Illness and the Art of Creative Self-Expression (New Harbinger, 2000), and Whole Person Healthcare Volume 3: The Arts & Health (Praeger, 2007). My memoir, Journeys with a Thousand Heroes: A Child Oncologist’s Story, was published by Wising Up Press this July, and I have completed a young adult novel, Blood Work. I’ve written several hundred essays, short stories, and poems, as well as academic articles and book chapters, and given keynote presentations in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. Here’s a partial list:

  • Illness and the Art of Creative Self-Expression. New Harbinger Publications, 2000
  • Physical. Pudding House Publications, 2001
  • Quick. Writers Club Press, 2002
  • On Wings of Spirit. Enhancement Books, 2002
  • The Arts and Health. Praeger Publications, 2007
  • Journeys with a Thousand Heroes: A Child Oncologist’s Story. Wising Up Press, 2018

And a few of my articles in magazines and journals:

  • Imagination and Health. Jessica Kingsley Press., 2006
  • Love Medicine for the Dying and their Caregivers. Journal of Health Psychology, 2008
  • Arts in Medicine. House Calls, 2008
  • Metaphors of Loss. Arts & Health Journal, 2009 (with Dorothy Lander)
  • Love Letters to the Dead. Omega, 2009
  • Welcome to Canada. Starving Writer, 2010
  • The Surgeon. Hektoen International Journal, 2011
  • Trauma. Hektoen, 2012
  • Attending. Ars Medica Journal, 2012
  • Learning to Lose. Yale Journal of Humanities, 2012
  • The Truth of the Imagination. Hektoen, 2014
  • Cell Shed. Friends Journal, 2015
  • Hands. Borderline Stories, Strange Days Books, 2015
  • First Physical. CMA Journal, 2015
  • Premies. Intima Journal, 2016
  • First Blood. Hektoen, Spring, 2016
  • Children and Death. Friends Journal, 2017
  • Encounters with Surgeons. Journal of Surgical Humanities, 2017
  • Undeterred. in Waiting: An Anthology, University of Alberta Press, 2018
  • Dr Oneiraut Makes Rounds. in Dreams: An Anthology, Strange Day Books, 2018