Healing by Intent – A Medical Memoir

What is art in medicine? What is healing?

John Graham-Pole’s second memoir asks: What is the true nature of healing? Healing by Intent explores clinical, ethical, philosophical and spiritual issues through stories of young people who survived illnesses that threatened their lives—and those who tragically did not survive.

John writes: “The best doctors bring to their work compassionate objectivity, especially in the care of dying patients…The opportunity to draw so close to another offers healing for both care giver and care receiver.”

“Healing By Intent lifts a veil to offer glimpses into the intimate interactions between doctor and patient in the subtle dance of healing. These interactions are brilliantly captured in this memoir”

Anne Rossi, MD

 Courage and love shine through each story… John conveys how honesty, patience, shared understanding, and sometimes silence, play out in good care—for both doctor and patient. These lessons underpin so much of great medical care”

Diane Smyth, MD, FRCP

“Filled with uplifting stories of young lives saved and sad stories of those lost; but you will not be left with sadness in your heart. You will finish this book with a renewed faith in humanity and wonder at the power of one person to leave such a striking legacy of peace in his wake”

 Justin Gregg, PhD

“John’s vivid and poignant storytelling reminds us that medical science may often cure disease but it is the healing arts that touch our common humanity”

Phillip Cooper, MD

Portrait by Gillian McCulloch

John Graham-Pole is a retired professor of pediatrics. He has been a clinician, teacher, and pioneer researcher in the field of childhood cancer for forty years. Educated in Britain, he co-founded the Center for Arts in Medicine at the University of Florida (https://arts.ufl.edu), now among the world’s leading arts-and-health organizations. He has written thirteen works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. He recently published Songlines, the third in a trilogy of novels inspired by young people with cancer that he has cared for. This is his second medical memoir—a follow-up to Journeys with a Thousand Heroes, published by Wising Up Press (www.universaltable.org).

John’s personal website is www.johngrahampole.com and he can be found on Facebook and Linked-In.

Healing by Intent is published by HARP Publishing: The People’s Press (www.harppublishing.ca) and can be purchased directly from the website.

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