Journeys with a Thousand Heroes

Journeys with a Thousand Heroes Introduction to my Memoir It was my mother’s precipitate death from cancer that lit the spark for my life caring for children with cancer. They in turn became my mentors and companions on my journey to reclaim—as did Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz—my full intelligence, heart, and home. The […]

Letter to Mummy

Letter to Mummy Blog 042518 I was inspired to write letters to myself by a letter I wrote to my mother when I turned 65 and retired from forty years of medical practice. Dorothy and I had already written quite a bit about art-based approaches to palliative care, and we learned it was common practice […]

Letters to Myself 4

216 Clydesdale Road Antigonish Nova Scotia January 1st, 2018   Dearest Johnny-Boy Happy New Year! It was lovely to get another letter from you. This time I found it in a book of poems I just happened to feel like reading. I have my own study with hundreds of books in it, so it was […]


My blog for today – April 22 – is a true story Marilyn Gerriets reminded me of after church today. It’s a tale of karma I hadn’t thought of  in twenty years. As always, I’ll put a link on my facebook. Twins Thirteen-year-old Renee had to compose an essay about American health care for a […]

Imagination and Health

Imagination and Health Blog 04/20/18  Art is the use of the imagination, that magical quality which marks us out as different from every other living being. In our culture, most people think that art is only for “special” people, but I’ve always been especially interested in artists who aren’t in it to become famous, but […]

Intern fumblings

I wrote a piece a while back about the first lumbar puncture—LP in medical parlance—I ever did (or tried to do). A disaster beyond imagination. LP’s are always tough, even with a lot of practice, and I can’t remember any medical student being trusted to do one. But in my intern days in England, you […]