So why am I posting yet another picture of my memoir’s front cover??

Weeeell… in earlier posts the word “Oncologist” was mis-spelt Onocologist”… four proof readers (including me) missed it, then some eagle-eyed (as yet unidentified) soul picked it up, at which the publishers at Wising Up Press corrected the spelling  and did a whole new print run…

People who’ve bought copies with the wrong spelling are welcome to exchange for a correct one, but just remember yours is now a collector’s item… (no one’s complained so far…)

PS – Update on previous promos on readings… I’ll be doing two in Antigonish – first at The People’s Place Library on Sept 27th @7-830pm, then as part of a “Cinq a Sept” at Rosemary Curry’s Red Sky Gallery on October 26th @ 5-7pm … After these, I’ll be doing a couple in Halifax and Sydney (stay tuned for dates…)

Byee…. JGP