After fifteen consecutive days of posting blogs, I’m starting to feel enslaved to my resolution. A common enough experience, I know, especially around every middle of January. Resolutions vary mightily in importance—going cold turkey from an addiction to cigarettes at aged 31 felt like my life depended on my keeping it, which it probably did. So I kept it—for 45 years now.

For a writer, a commitment to write something every day seems like a good idea, but life goes on happily if a day passes with a break. After all, this resolution can itself have an addictive pull—which itself isn’t too healthy.

All to say that I’m “resolving” to taking the odd break from blogging. A rest between two notes, or two waves of the sea, you could say (getting a bit fanciful here… maybe it’s good to take a break!)

See you soon.


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  1. In running parlance, we take “rest” days. These are important to build in as part of a training programme. The idea is that your body needs time to benefit from exercise and to recover before the next session. Maybe it’s similar for writing too.

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