BLOGS 04/14/18

BLOGS 04/14/18

This is my first blog, at least this month. I’m simply musing about why I have a website and what I want to do with it.

A. Why do I have a website?

  1. To enhance and nurture my creativity
  2. To discipline me to blog regularly online
  3. To learn through research as I go
  4. To showcase and promote my thinking and ideas
  5. To connect with other social media
  6. To launch our publishing house – HAARP: The People’s Press
  7. To collect payments and record expenses

B. Blogging—Why do it?

  1. Journaling publically
  2. Frequent updates compared with websites
  3. This takes discipline and time – like a journal
  4. Specific subject(s)
  5. Can be back-and-forth with readers
  6. So builds rapport and trust
  7. I can deliberately invite others to contribute
  8. SEO – search engine optimization – through catching the attention of search engines
  9. Needs promotion through other social media

C.  Subjects—What am I going to do with it?

  1. Snips of latest writing
  2. Stuff I’ve read or heard
  3. Resolutions
  4. Reminders of To Do’s
  5. Fun jokes

D. Writing snippets

  1. Here I’ll include parts of pieces I’ve written. My idea at the moment is to put a link to them on Facebook and Twitter.  So stay tuned…