Unheard stories

Art has been a healing force throughout human history. Shamans have always used it to evoke healing power for individuals and whole communities. Our forebears lived at the interface of visible and invisible, and used art to make sense of the universe that surrounded them. And art remains a vital human nutrient. Our world remains […]

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood

Time for a new blog… this one about how laughter is good for whatever ails you  Patch Adams says “Show me the data that solemnity ever cured anything!” I first met Patch, Founder of the Gesundheit Institute, when he came to present at an Arts & Health symposium we ran at the University of Florida. […]

First Blood, Hektoen, 2016

First Blood Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London, 1970 I’m astounded I’ve landed one of the coveted G.O.S. senior resident jobs: the academic nature of the place immediately daunts me. Everyone bows down to its status as the foremost pediatric research hospital in Europe, perhaps the world, the faculty all confining their work to one or […]

Journeys with a Thousand Heroes

Journeys with a Thousand Heroes Introduction to my Memoir It was my mother’s precipitate death from cancer that lit the spark for my life caring for children with cancer. They in turn became my mentors and companions on my journey to reclaim—as did Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz—my full intelligence, heart, and home. The […]


My blog for today – April 22 – is a true story Marilyn Gerriets reminded me of after church today. It’s a tale of karma I hadn’t thought of  in twenty years. As always, I’ll put a link on my facebook. Twins Thirteen-year-old Renee had to compose an essay about American health care for a […]

Imagination and Health

Imagination and Health Blog 04/20/18  Art is the use of the imagination, that magical quality which marks us out as different from every other living being. In our culture, most people think that art is only for “special” people, but I’ve always been especially interested in artists who aren’t in it to become famous, but […]

Scholarships now available!

Dr. John Graham-Pole Scholarship for Arts in Medicine The University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine is pleased to announce the Dr. John Graham-Pole Scholarship for Arts in Medicine. This scholarship honors Dr. John Graham-Pole, co-founder of the Center for Arts in Medicine and pioneer in the field. Candidates for admission to the Master of Arts (MA) in Arts in Medicine […]