Yet another review of Blood Work!

This review comes from writer and media maven Denise Davies. Thank you for your generous words, Denise! This novel tells the story of Raig’s development of cancer and all that that entails.  How this sixteen-year-old girl comes through a near-death experience, how she finds joy and healing through art and music, how she learns through […]

Electromagnetic fields and Us Ever since humans started to fly rockets into outer space, we’ve known that our personal electromagnetic fields can get seriously depleted. And so can that of our mother earth. And that’s exactly what’s been happening  ever since the electronic techy revolution got under way. Every one of us on earth is being bombarded with […]

A new review of “Journeys with 1000 Heroes

Here’s a very nice review from experienced book review writer and editor, Anne Boches… “Journeys with a Thousand Heroes:  A Child Oncologist’s Story, by John Graham-Pole, MD, MRCP-UK As a boy of twelve, John Graham-Pole lost his mother to cancer. That loss and his vow to defeat the disease informed his career and his personal […]

Scholarships now available!

Dr. John Graham-Pole Scholarship for Arts in Medicine The University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine is pleased to announce the Dr. John Graham-Pole Scholarship for Arts in Medicine. This scholarship honors Dr. John Graham-Pole, co-founder of the Center for Arts in Medicine and pioneer in the field. Candidates for admission to the Master of Arts (MA) in Arts in Medicine […]

John Graham-Pole: Relationship between art and health [video]

John Graham-Pole, a founding member of Arts Health Antigonish (AHA) and an oncologist, shares his stories of working with cancer patients, the relationship between art and health, and art therapy, as well as read some of his own poetry dealing with these subjects.  ACALA TV