First Physical

Here’s a story from my second medical memoir about the importance for doctors to learn from nurses. The book – Healing by Intent –  will be released by HARP The People’s Press ( in 2021 First Physical Her arm dances a pronating ballet, radial hump and hard straight metacarpal ribs familiar as pictures in Cunningham’s […]

First Blood, Hektoen, 2016

First Blood Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London, 1970 I’m astounded I’ve landed one of the coveted G.O.S. senior resident jobs: the academic nature of the place immediately daunts me. Everyone bows down to its status as the foremost pediatric research hospital in Europe, perhaps the world, the faculty all confining their work to one or […]

A new writing project…

I have embarked on a new project with Dorothy, my wife and sometime co-writer, plus several others. We are creating an indie publishing house for books and other publications dedicated to arts and health. Our intent is for this to attract a primarily “lay” rather than “academic” readership. The general structure of most of these books […]