Art and Healing — How can it help?

Writer, publisher, and teacher Cheryl McLean recently posed this question to me: “How do you envision the healing arts having an impact in these challenging and chaotic times?” She gave me three minutes to respond, so this is what I came up with. “I shan’t attempt to address the specific challenges we’re all so very […]

Electromagnetic fields and Us Ever since humans started to fly rockets into outer space, we’ve known that our personal electromagnetic fields can get seriously depleted. And so can that of our mother earth. And that’s exactly what’s been happening  ever since the electronic techy revolution got under way. Every one of us on earth is being bombarded with […]

Saving Our World

Saving Our World A big topic today. But a moment’s thinking—whenever I remember to do it—reminds me that there can’t be any more compelling subject for anyone who cares about own survival, or about that of our loved ones, or—not a big stretch—about every human being on our planet. Actually, I’m talking about the survival […]