First Physical

Here’s a story from my second medical memoir about the importance for doctors to learn from nurses. The book – Healing by Intent –  will be released by HARP The People’s Press ( in 2021 First Physical Her arm dances a pronating ballet, radial hump and hard straight metacarpal ribs familiar as pictures in Cunningham’s […]

Art and Healing — How can it help?

Writer, publisher, and teacher Cheryl McLean recently posed this question to me: “How do you envision the healing arts having an impact in these challenging and chaotic times?” She gave me three minutes to respond, so this is what I came up with. “I shan’t attempt to address the specific challenges we’re all so very […]

Another Review of Blood Work

Blood Work: A Review by Adult Educator Leslee Larsen, December, 2019 I’m delighted to add another review of my YA novel, Blood Work, this one from adult educator Leslee Larsen, who captures the essence of the novel as a chance for what’s called transformative learning. As Leslee illustrates so well, ’Raig, the protagonist of Blood […]

Letter to Myself 7

Ravenswood, 47 Bristol Road Weston-super-Mare Somerset March 10, 1950   Dear John, Thank you for your last letter. I enjoyed it very much, especially about the history of Canada. I don’t like the history or geography lessons at school, but I liked hearing a bit about where you live and what happened long ago. I […]

Letters to Myself 6

216 Clydesdale Road Antigonish Nova Scotia July 3rd, 2017   Dearest Johnny-Boy, This time Dorothy found your letter on the sideboard in the hall among a pile of other letters and other stuff that I had collected from the postbox and hadn’t looked through yet. We don’t have our own postbox at our house, but […]