A new review of “Journeys with 1000 Heroes

Here’s a very nice review from experienced book review writer and editor, Anne Boches… “Journeys with a Thousand Heroes:  A Child Oncologist’s Story, by John Graham-Pole, MD, MRCP-UK As a boy of twelve, John Graham-Pole lost his mother to cancer. That loss and his vow to defeat the disease informed his career and his personal […]

Letters to Self 17

Ravenswood, 47, Bristol Road, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset August 31st, 1954   Dear John, I just went for a run on the sands with Spike. It’s my favourite place to be, whether I’m practising my throwing arm with Spike or playing beach cricket with Traps. Or just trying to reach the sea, which I’ve never seen come […]


So why am I posting yet another picture of my memoir’s front cover?? Weeeell… in earlier posts the word “Oncologist” was mis-spelt Onocologist”… four proof readers (including me) missed it, then some eagle-eyed (as yet unidentified) soul picked it up, at which the publishers at Wising Up Press corrected the spelling  and did a whole […]

Memoir – The Casket Article

Richard MacKenzie just did a very nice article in The Casket (our local newspaper) about my new memoir (see link below)… As well as the reading from “1000 Heroes” that I’m doing at The People’s Place library on September 27 (630-830pm with goodies to eat and drink), I’ll be doing an earlier one at Rosemary […]

Letters to Myself 10

Letters to Myself 10   216 Clydesdale Road Antigonish, Nova Scotia May 7th, 2016   Dear Johnny-Boy Your last letter is the fifth one I have had from you. So I’m beginning to think this miracle isn’t going to end for a good few years. We’ve still got a long way to go before we […]

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood

Time for a new blog… this one about how laughter is good for whatever ails you  Patch Adams says “Show me the data that solemnity ever cured anything!” I first met Patch, Founder of the Gesundheit Institute, when he came to present at an Arts & Health symposium we ran at the University of Florida. […]


Extract from my memoir: News that will change my life’s course forever Exeat 1: Three weeks into my first term, I’m summoned to housemaster Mr Berridge’s study. I rise from my breakfast of congealed bacon and baked beans, fearful I’ve broken some obscure house rule and am to receive the ultimate punishment: six of the […]


A new blog, and another letter to myself across seventy years…   216 Clydesdale Road Antigonish Nova Scotia March 23rd, 2017   My dear Johnny-Boy, It’s so wonderful to have another letter from you. And just a miracle we should be “talking” to each other across almost seventy years. Does this happen to anyone else? […]


Resolutions After fifteen consecutive days of posting blogs, I’m starting to feel enslaved to my resolution. A common enough experience, I know, especially around every middle of January. Resolutions vary mightily in importance—going cold turkey from an addiction to cigarettes at aged 31 felt like my life depended on my keeping it, which it probably […]

Boarding School

Writing to myself as a young boy has me revisiting long-forgotten memories. So I’ve decided to borrow another bit from my memoir to recall the awful day I was shipped off to boarding school at aged twelve – a rite of passage for many middle-class English boys. I’ll leave you to judge what lasting effects […]